What to Expect at your Permanent Makeup Appointment

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makeup appointment at The Perfect Feather

Your Permanent Makeup Appointment is Confirmed!

nootropil costo Congratulations! Your permanent makeup appointment is confirmed! These can be exciting AND nerve wracking words on your computer screen.

http://adoptmycity.com/36437-tylenol-in-germany.html So, you’ve booked your appointment, but now what? What should you do? What can you expect?

lantus solostar price Or maybe you’re scared to press that little button that says ‘book now’.

ashwagandha price аdvertise Hopefully this article will help calm your nerves and have you prepared and EXCITED for your upcoming transformation or ready to book that appointment you’ve been wanting!

What to expect – confirmation email

boyfriend still goes on dating website Once your appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email which contains important links and information for you to read and follow.

gay hookup sites nyc The first link is all about how to prepare leading up to your appointment. You can read that here. Preparing for your appointment is important and for best results, instructions should be followed. The second link guides you towards your aftercare and what to expect during the healing process. After care is absolutely critical, which is why I request that you to read it prior to your appointment. You can read all about after care here. There is also a link to your waiver documents. While it is not necessary to complete the waiver in advance, it is not a bad idea to read it through, making note of any questions you may have.

go right here In addition to the confirmation email, you will receive reminder emails and text messages a couple of days in advance of your appointment.

What to expect – appointment day

The arrival

http://www.yellowrage.com/krabik/2051 The big day is here! You’ve followed all of the instructions and are well rested and ready to go! When you arrive on time for your appointment, you will find yourself in a quiet residential neighborhood. The Perfect Feather is a private, in-home studio in the Clayton Heights neighborhood of Surrey, BC. Rest assured that we are licensed, insured, and Fraser Health approved (with a PERFECT rating!). Upon arrival, you will be greeted by Erin and taken into the clean, well-lit studio.

The Prep

http://thinkmaya.com/?biorer=cherche-fille-tunisienne-pour-mariage&c31=c8 Once settled, you will have before photos taken- these help to document your transformation! After photos you will have a topical numbing cream applied to the treatment area.  For brow treatments we will apply the cream prior to completing the waiver and for eyeliner and lips, we will complete the forms prior to numbing. We will discuss/review the contents waiver, and discuss the best option for you, and of course, answer all of your questions.

Brow Pre-Draw

http://www.federalbakeshop.com/limited/1696 Once numbed, your brows will be ‘mapped’ using a technique called ‘the string method’. We use your facial features, bone structure, and existing hair to map out your ideal new brows, taking into consideration your desired outcome. Once the proposed shape is mapped, we will work together to tweak the shape until you are happy with the look. Mapping typically takes 5 minutes and the tweaking of the final shape can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes (sometimes more). We can take as much time as needed at this point to ensure you are happy with the size and shape of your new brows!! Are you curious which brow technique is best suited to you?  Click here to take the quiz.

Eyeliner Pre-Draw

check that Prior to numbing we will design your new eyeliner. Considerations for permanent eyeliner include hooded eyelids ie., how much eyelid can be seen, the direction of the lash creases, and the shape of your eye. You can read all about eyeliner here. Once we achieve the desired look using a pen,  you will be numbed and prepared for the procedure.

Lip Blush Pre-Draw

https://www.nima.co.uk/maljavka/854 Prior to numbing we will design the look of your lip blush. Just like brows and eyeliner, your shape is mapped according to your features. Anytime we work on lips we want to ensure that we do not tattoo outside of the natural edge of the lip – the vermillion line. With age this line often blurs and becomes less evident, resulting in the appearance of smaller, thinner lips. A lip blush tattoo will make you mouth look more youthful be restoring your vermillion line and adding a hint of colour to the rest of your lip. Once the shape is approved, your lips will be numbed in preparation for the treatment.

Pigment aka Colours

https://www.lyquix.com/lidert/3529 The Perfect Feather carries only high-end, reputable pigment lines that are manufactured in North America and are Health Canada and FDA approved. Pigment options will be discussed at your appointment and swatches can be put on your face/skin to help decide on the best colour for you.

rencontre femme seul Colours for brows are typically chosen based on your existing brow hair, as unlike the hair on your head, brow hair typically does not change colour. For eyeliner, typically a pure black or dark brown are chosen. Lip colours are harder to choose. Lips only retain 20-30% of the pigment that is implanted so we always need to use a MUCH brighter colour than the desired outcome.

Pigments will always look much darker when they are first implanted and will soften/lighten as the skin heals.

What to expect – our approach

We always use a collaborative approach when it comes to your permanent makeup appointment. We have the expertise and will guide you towards the look that will suit you today and well into the future.  That said, we definitely want your input and always encourage you to participate in the decisions and speak up! Ultimately, we want you to feel 100% comfortable with the look we have designed, and if not, we will design until we get there! Of course, if this is not possible, both parties reserve the right to opt out of the treatment. If you’d like to meet to discuss your future appointment, free 15 minute consultations are available and can be booked online.

What to expect – the tattoo

Once we have designed your new cosmetic tattoo, agreed on the shape, size and colour, the work station will be prepared according to the appropriate treatment. We only use single use tools; microblading pens and needle cartridges are disposed of in a sharps container, which is returned to a pharmacy and incinerated. All points of ‘touch’ will be protected with barrier film, trays and work surfaces are covered in disposable covers, and cords are wrapped to keep you safe from blood borne pathogens. Your safety is the number one our priority. Once completely set-up, we will begin work.   Tattooing can take anywhere from 1-2+ hours depending on the treatment area. Typically, the bigger the area, the longer the treatment.

What to expect –  the after care

Once the tattoo has been completed, after care will be discussed. After care is the single, most important part of the tattoo process. Failure to follow the provided instructions may result in poor retention (faint pigment) or undesirable results (patchiness/scarring). After care will be reviewed in detail and and a copy sent home with you along with gauze for blotting and after care ointment. The healing process takes approximately 7-10 days on the surface of the skin and up to one month underneath. You are encouraged to be extremely patient during this time as your tattoo goes from perfect, too dark, flaky, too light, to just right!! You can read about after care and the healing process here.

What to Expect – touch-up

All cosmetic tattoos require a minimum of two sessions to be deemed complete. Your second session should be booked for approximately 6-8 weeks following your first treatment. Annual colour boost appointments may take place anywhere from 9-18 months after your second session, depending on how your skin retains the pigment. Colour boosts will keep your tattoo looking their best for years to come.

The Conclusion

Hopefully after reading this, you feel comfortable knowing what to expect at your permanent makeup appointment and are feeling excited to press that book now button!! If you’re still not quite ready and would like to book a free consultation, I encourage you to do so. I’m also happy to answer your questions – post them below or email me!

See you soon!

Erin xo