How do I know you’re using clean tools?

rencontre fc barcelone Each of our clients receives brand new supplies and leaves with their very own teeth whitening kit*, which includes: A nourishing lip balm to prevent dry lips. A lip and cheek retractor to gently push your lips and cheeks away from your teeth to ensure no gel touched these areas. A 2ml pen containing either our original high performance whitening Read More

I have crowns/veneers/fillings on my front teeth, can I whiten?

Homepage In a word, yes! Although restorations can not be whitened like natural teeth they do accumulate surface stain that can be removed by whitening. Over time your natural teeth surrounding the restorations will darken in shade, using this service will give the teeth a cohesive appearance, this is called a restoration match appointment.

Will whitening cause sensitivity?

dating latin american guys Whitening will not hurt your teeth. If you already have sensitive teeth this will not enhance that sensitivity. We use a product to coat and protect teeth after the appointment to curb post treatment sensitivity (stain- x ) and can work around sensitive or recessed areas. The  Beautiful Bright Smile products  have been researched are both Read More

How many sessions will I need? Usually only 1 appointment is needed. This appointment is 40 minutes of light therapy broken up into 2 x 20 minute sessions. In some cases another appointment is needed due to heavy staining, this will be discussed at your appointment. Results are immediate.