When should I avoid booking an appointment?

straight from the source rencontres la baule wikipedia reference rencontre iphone army guys dating ma rencontre avec une star visit get redirected here imp source http://huntersneeds.net/rigaro/3913 There are a couple of reasons to avoid booking an appointment.

Women will find that  microblading, amongst other beauty treatments, such as waxing, is a lot more painful during their periods. If at all possible, book your treatments a week before or a week after your period. This will ensure you are comfortable during your treatment.

If you plan to leave on vacation to a tropical destination within a few days of your treatment, I’d suggest postponing the treatment until you have returned. You do not want to sweat excessively during the healing process. Read our aftercare instructions for full details about how to care for your new brows and what else should be avoided.


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