Covid-19 Safety Guidelines


Health and Safety has always been a priority at The Perfect Feather. The COVID-19 crisis has not changed this but does mean some additional measures will be taken. Please read below to see how we are working to keep you safe.

Please note that both professional teeth whitening and lip blush have been temporarily removed from our service menu as they cannot be performed safely at this time. 

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Health Check

24 hours prior to their appointment, Clients will be sent an appointment reminder that will contain a link to a mandatory health check form. Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival of their appointment will have their appointment cancelled. We will give as much notice as possible if we are unwell and cannot provide a service. 

The Perfect Feather reserves the right to refuse anyone service if we feel our health or safety is at risk. 

There is a strict no guest policy in effect. Please come alone. 

Personal Protective Equipment & Supplies

Due to the nature of our services, social distancing is not possible. As such, both the client and the technician are REQUIRED to properly wear masks for the duration of each and every appointment.

Masks will be available at the entrance and must be worn prior to entering the Studio. Masks should be removed and disposed of in the provided receptacle after exiting the premises. For more information about the proper use of masks click here.  

Hand washing and hand sanitizer will be required by both the client and the technician at the start of every appointment and as required during the appointment. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the Studio. 

The technician will wear her hair tied back, a face mask, and medical grade nitrile gloves for the duration of each appointment, A face shield and/or single use apron and/or gown will be worn as required, depending on the service. 

We will continue to use single use tools. All multiple use items  (lash shields, lifting tools, tweezers etc.) will be sanitized according to local regulations between clients. 

As always, all machines, cords, trays, touchpoints will be wrapped or protected using barrier film and/or sleeves for each treatment, as required. All barriers will be discarded between appointments and all surfaces will be disinfected with a virucide. 

The entire studio including the door handles, treatment bed, floor, counters will be cleaned with a virucide between clients.


To minimize potential droplet contamination all tools and supplies will be stored behind closed doors.

Paper products (brochures, business cards, flyers), decor items, plants, candy dishes, etc., have been removed from the Studio.

Waivers and Payments

Waiver forms will be sent electronically via email when an appointment is booked online.  Waivers MUST be completed in advance of an appointment. Clients will not be permitted the use of the Studio’s phones, tablets, computers to complete waiver forms. No waiver, no appointment, 

Payments will be made using touchless tap (debit or credit). Cash will not be accepted at this time. 

Client Care

As much as I LOVE chatting and with each and every one of my clients, talking must be kept to a minimum. I do encourage you to ask questions or voice concerns! I always want to ensure that my clients feel safe and comfortable. 

Reusable towels have been changed to paper towels in the bathroom and the bathroom will be sanitized between clients. 

Unfortunately, we can not offer food or beverages and ask that unless medically required, our client’s leave food and beverages at home or in their vehicle. 

Dress appropriately, as we enter the summer months we may have air conditioning on and blankets have been removed from the Studio. 

Aftercare instructions for all treatments are available online.

Cancellation Policy

  • We require 48 hours notice for rescheduling or cancelling of appointments. You can manage your appointment using the buttons at the bottom of your confirmation email or by texting the Studio.
  • Cancellation fees will not apply for cancellations due to illness. 
  • No show charges and/or late cancellation fees will apply. 
  • If you’re running more than 10 minutes late, please contact the Studio to ensure our ability to accommodate you as appointments are booked back to back. You may need to be rescheduled and a late cancellation fee may apply. 
  • For a full list of Studio policies please visit


As always we will continue to protect your health and ours. Please work with us by remembering to: 

  • Refrain from hugging, hand shaking, fist bumps etc. (insert sad face here!)
  • Wear the provided mask for the duration of the appointment
  • Use hand sanitizer upon arrival
  • Leave personal belongings at home. A bag will be provided for keys, wallets, phones.
  • Leave all food or beverages in your vehicle. They will not be permitted in the Studio.
  • Keep talking to a minimum during your treatment.
  • Come alone. Only 1 person is allowed in the Studio at a time. No exceptions.
  • You will be required to do a health assessment 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Be honest about your health. 
  • Complete your waiver ONLINE 24 hours in advance of your appointment. If not completed in advance, your appointment will be forfeited. 

Infection Control Certifications

  • Bloodborne Pathogen
  • Beauty Safe Level 1 General Trade Practices 
  • Beauty Safe Level 2 Cosmetic Tattooing
  • World Health Organization Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19 
  • Barbacide COVID-19 Certification for the Professional Beauty Industry


WorkSafe BC

The Beauty Council